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We’re a team of friendly experts with decades of experience who have provided hundreds of individuals and organizations with specialized, swift support in navigating the Canadian immigration system.

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We help remove the unpredictability involved in obtaining permanent or temporary status. We will guide you, keep you informed, and handle the details—so you can concentrate on life and business as usual.

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Whether you are a skilled worker seeking to navigate Express Entry, a Canadian sponsor of a family member or a temporary resident seeking a Work Permit, we have the experience and knowledge to help you achieve those goals.

"With the help of J. Kenney Consulting, I successfully obtained my PR visa in six months. My husband and I have already started a new life in Canada with his assistance."

We combine depth of experience, industry-leading expertise, and personalized, caring service.

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Joe Kenney has served as the Director of Economic Immigration Programs in BC, the Manager of the BC PNP program and as a long-time Instructor of the UBC Certificate in Immigration: Laws, Policies and Procedures.

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We see ourselves in our clients and, as such, we treat each as an individual human being due courtesy and respect. Check out our client track record or reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

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“Joe made the whole thing very easy; he was always available via phone or email and he was extremely quick to answer all my questions and concerns. I have and would highly recommend J. Kenney Consulting to anyone looking to go through the immigration process; I class him as the best in the business.”

Jen Harrison, Permanent Resident of Canada

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