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“They are so experienced in this field that they immediately know what to do. There is no doubt coming from them."

Victoria is originally from Malaysia.


Victoria and her partner work in visual effects and animation, and they came to Canada because of the excellent job opportunities.

Victoria and her partner are both from different countries, and she notes it’s difficult for both of them to be able to live in a country of their own.


“It’s really difficult, and Canada has this great opportunity where they open up their doors for immigrants like us.”


Victoria was recommended to Joe by a friend, and she says, “immediately we sort of clicked.”


“He’s super efficient and amazing, and we love his professionalism. We stuck with him from the start until the end and we have no regrets.”


“Joe and his team, I also have to mention Tiffany, were amazing. They have a lot of knowledge. We never hesitated to listen to their advice. It was always on point.”


Victoria and her partner’s permanent residence applications were a success.


“We got our PR! We’re really happy with this service.”

Mina is originally from Tokyo, Japan.

Mina spent a lot of time in Vancouver, Canada growing up.


Recently, while living in Japan, she and her husband decided to make a big change and immigrate to Vancouver.


The Challenge: Applying for permanent residency from outside Canada can be difficult, and Mina didn’t really know how. Mina found Joe through an advertisement and had a friend living in Vancouver that recommended Joe and J Kenney Consulting.


Here’s what Mina had to say about working with Joe:


“Joe was very friendly and helpful from the very beginning. We visited Joe in the summer and he was very clear about what to expect and what the costs were, how long it would take, and he made the process very stress-free.”


“Joe was top-notch when it comes to communication. While we were living in Japan and he was living in Vancouver, we weren’t sure how the time difference would impact us. But he was always quick to respond to our emails, we didn’t feel any distance at all.”


Mina and her husband now call Vancouver home.

"With any questions, half an hour later I had an answer."

Pia is from Austria and came to Vancouver for a job in the film industry.


“Vancouver is one of the biggest cities for CGI animation. So I applied and I got a job in Vancouver.”


The Challenge: If you want to get a permanent residency, you have to get enough points to apply. This is part of the Express Entry process. To get enough points, you have to combine language skills, education, and work experience.


Pia was in contact with J Kenney Consulting, and the team kept track of her points for her and notified her that she had enough points to start the immigration process.


“There was always feedback, there was always an answer, they were always really on top of everything.”


Pia ended up referring one of her friends to J Kenney Consulting after her own experience.


One of Pia’s friends was in contact with another consulting firm and had issues getting responses. Pia’s friends said it was taking sometimes two weeks to get an answer from her firm at the time.


Pia said when reaching out to J Kenney Consulting with any questions, she had an answer from Joe “basically within half an hour.”


Pia told her friend about her experience with Joe, and her friend switched over to J Kenney Consulting.

"With the help of J. Kenney Consulting, I successfully obtained my PR visa in six months. My husband and I have already started a new life in Canada with his assistance."

"I could trust Joe."

Machiko comes from Osaka, Japan.


She wanted to become a Shiatsu therapist in Canada, and came to North Vancouver, British Columbia, to study.


The Challenge: Machiko needed to get some things sorted in her homeland, and even dealing with difficulties with getting necessary documentation, notes that “Joe made the process very smooth.”


When asked what it was like working with Joe, Machiko says “It was really good. He was very fast with responses. Whenever I had a question, he replied so quickly. Communication was really great with him. I could trust him.”


Machiko now calls Vancouver, Canada home.

Daniel hails from Caracas, Venezuela.

Daniel wanted to continue his career in marketing and came to Canada with a 1-year study permit. After going for his work permit, he knew he wanted to get his permanent residence.


Daniel knew the process could be long, but credits J Kenney Consulting with “amazing, very transparent communication with everything that was happening,” as well as being “informed in every situation in every step” with helping him finally get his permanent residence.


Daniel is glad he stuck with J Kenney Consulting for getting his permanent residence because they made him feel confident throughout the process.

"They were always there for me."

Fernando comes from Venezuela.


He wanted to come to Canada to work and study at the same time. So he did.


And he loved Canada, so he decided to stay.


Fernando says J Kenney Consulting was key to achieving his goals, from the very beginning.


Fernando started with a visa, and J Kenney Consulting helped him get his work permit for a year, and eventually his permanent residence.


“They told me exactly what to do step by step to reach my last goal, which was my permanent residence.”


The Challenge: All of Fernando’s paperwork was attached to his Venezuelan passport, which was due to expire in just a few months.


“I was panicking. But J Kenney Consulting helped me in those challenging moments.”


“Working with J Kenney Consulting was the best. They tell you what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and they answer any questions. They’re always there for you, by email, or by phone, and they answer very quickly. To me, that was key to achieving my goals. They are excellent people and excellent professionals.”


Fernando plans to bring his girlfriend to Canada in a few months and says he won’t hesitate to contact J Kenney Consulting to help him with the process.


“Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.”

"I just feel at home now."

Tyquane came to Canada to work in the film industry and originally comes from Brooklyn, New York.


“I love working and creating art with animation and I wanted to expand my career here.”


The Challenge: The immigration process and paperwork involved can be tedious. Tyquane and his partner were working full time, mostly overtime, throughout the process.


But Tyquane says Joe made this process fit seamlessly with his busy life.


“Joe was able to lay out a timeline for the paperwork, and always checked in to make sure we met deadlines.”


“I was even working overtime most days throughout this process, but just checking in back and forth with Joe, everything was completed.”


“His personality and the personality of his team and his company reassured me that everything will work out no matter what we do.”


“I just feel at home now.”

"Joe's like an old family friend."

La Shay comes from Brooklyn, New York.

She’s in Canada because she fell in love with the film industry.

La Shay had never been to Canada, and at the time, admits she didn’t even know where Vancouver was!

However, when her partner’s company relocated to Vancouver, she needed assistance with calling Vancouver her new home.

The Challenge: There were some delays in getting the required paperwork with the U.S. Government, and La Shay’s U.S. passport expired during the process.

“Joe immediately flagged this to us. And he solved it immediately.”

When asked what it was like working with J Kenney Consulting La Shay says “Speedy service, they’re very transparent, very helpful, and they always check-in.”

“Joe’s like an old family friend.”

La Shay now calls Vancouver home.

"I couldn't recommend them more, to be honest."

Tara and Barry come from Ireland.

Tara came to Canada for a change in scenery, and Barry says he wanted to come to Canada his whole life, without even having a real reason at the time.


The Challenge: Tara and Barry were seeking their permanent residence, but there were plenty of hiccups they faced as they tried to get the necessary credits to do so.


“I wasn’t working in a position that was in line with my degree to go straight for Express Entry. But a friend recommended Joe, and he recommended I go through PNP via Sponsorship from my job in a hotel at the time.”


“Every step of the way, with all the paperwork, they were a great help. They were there to answer any questions, and any emails, they would get straight back with a response. I wasn’t ever waiting with any questions. They were always there to help.”


“Our experience was great. Even on weekends, we could reach out to Joe and Tiffany and they would get back at any hour. I couldn’t recommend them more to be honest.”


Tara and Barry now call Vancouver home.

"Joe communicated when things needed to be done and how to do them."

Paul came to Canada, from Australia, for a change of scenery. He loved the country and loved the people.


The Challenge: Paul went from working holiday visa to working holiday visa, and found the process involved in staying in Canada to be very complex. Nearing his 30th birthday, Paul faced the decision of either choosing to apply for permanent residency or returning home.


He chose permanent residency via Express Entry and reached out to J Kenney Consulting for help.


When asked what it was like working with Joe’s firm, Paul said: “Incredibly diligent with paperwork. Communicated when things needed to be done and how to do it. Great customer service. Joe kept me updated on timelines which was also a great thing.”

Rakesh hails from Mumbai, India.

He came to Canada for a better life and better job opportunities. He also needed a home so him and his wife could be together.


They originally tried to stay in Sydney, Australia, but the process took too long, and there were fewer job opportunities for their industry.


So they decided on Canada for permanent residency and came to Joe Kenney for help.


The Challenge: Their unique situation meant a lot of documents were required for permanent residency, from a lot of different countries. Rakesh had worked in over 5 countries, including England, Malaysia, and Australia. Not only did Rakesh’s permanent residency process require a lot of documentation, but his wife’s required even more.


Rakesh knew it would take a lot of time, and he and his partner didn’t have much of that. They both work 10 hours a day, and more paperwork is the last thing they wanted to do when they got home.


When asked what it was like to work with J Kenney Consulting, Rakesh had this to say: “Joe is very helpful, when we first met him we knew this was the guy we wanted to go through. We had multiple references from our friends saying he was very good. Joe helped in a lot of ways, including with our documents, and whenever you email him, he’s super quick to reply. Any questions we had, he would respond within a couple of minutes.”

“Joe made the whole thing very easy; he was always available via phone or email and he was extremely quick to answer all my questions and concerns. I have and would highly recommend J. Kenney Consulting to anyone looking to go through the immigration process; I class him as the best in the business.”

Jen Harrison, Permanent Resident of Canada

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