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“I was first introduced to Joe Kenney in 2005 and since that time have utilized his services for our more complex immigration needs. Joe has continually been available to us not only to handle the specific case files assigned to him but also as a source of information and direction for general queries. Of particular note for me is how easy Joe makes the process by taking ownership of the file and partnering with us in drafting and preparing the necessary documentation. It takes the pressure off of my role and allows me to focus in other areas knowing that Joe will achieve the desired result. In addition, I continually refer international employees who are interested in attaining permanent residency status to Joe and have always received positive feedback from them at how well Joe handled their file.”

—Valerie Little, HR Manager

“After years of struggles, Mr. Joe Kenney helped me to achieve my Canadian dream. It has been a great experience with his services. He’s been very helpful, friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. I didn’t have to worry about lots of things. In my case, Mr. Joe Kenney knows BC PNP program so well, and I got my permanent residence status in 9 months. All in all, he has been a great help.”

— MingJi Wang

“Hi Joe: I am writing this to express my gratitude to you for making my landed immigration application a success. Your professionalism and enthusiasm really impressed me. Without your assistance, things would not be as smooth as it was. I would really recommend anyone I know to render your service for immigration to Canada.”

—Sayo Sagara

“Joe Kenney is a highly qualified and professional consultant for PNP and other kinds of immigration. I was able to get my PR through PNP within 8 months. He answered all the concerns I had and helped me to get my PR in a very efficient way. He has provided me the best service. I plan to use his service to help on my parents’ immigration application as well.”

—Alice Zhang

“I first began dealing with Joe Kenney back in December 2006. I was referred to him by another immigration consultant and he came highly recommended. He dealt with my whole case from obtaining my Work Permit to completing my Landed Resident Status. The immigration process was long and at times very testing and Joe made the whole thing very easy; he was always available via phone or email and he was extremely quick to answer all my questions and concerns. I have and would highly recommend J. Kenney Consulting to anyone looking to go through the immigration process; I class him as the best in the business.”

—Jen Harrison, Permanent Resident of Canada

“I requested another company to extend my work permit as well as to apply my PNP application. However the company forgot to extend my work permit and I felt frustrated because expiration was coming. I went to J. Kenney Consulting to ask advice and decided to use their services. J. Kenney Consulting took care of work permit extension quickly as well as my PNP application. I am pleased that I could get my permanent residence visa earlier than it was expected. After go through the earlier difficulties, I was so pleased with the results.


Thank you very much.”

—Masaru Tajima

“Through the help of Joe Kenney, I successfully immigrated to Canada (2008-2009). Personally, I would strongly recommend Joe to everyone. Below are my reasons:


1. Reasonable Price: Unlike many Chinese immigration agencies that demand clients to pay all the payment at once up front, Joe Kenney accepts payments by installments. The client can also refuse to pay the next installment and collect some of the previous payment back if unsatisfied with the service during the course of the application. Moreover, I have asked around to many immigration agencies and found that Joe Kenney is offering a very reasonable and modest price.


2. Professional service: Joe is not someone who smiles all the time. He is frankly quite a serious person. However, I found this is very helpful in a way, giving me an example of how I should feel when talking to a real immigration officer. By talking to him from time to time, I built up an incredible confidence, which consequently alleviated the anxiety I had during the wait for the application.> People who have applied for immigration should know how painful this waiting period could be. Therefore, it is very important to have a senior and professional consultant to offer you assistance.

3. Service exceeds expectation: I have many experiences with situations of being treated with bad service after having paid all of the fees.Joe Kenney provided the exact same diligent and respectful service throughout the entire process.I often had many questions and would email him seeking answers.All my emails were replied to within a day; never was a single email left to the next day.And to my biggest surprise, 90% of the time, my emails were replied to within one hour!


4. Responsible and Conscientious: After my application was approved, CIC returned to me some of the documents from the application, which were prepared with the assistance of Joe Kenney. I then realized the thought Joe had put into preparing the documents. Those documents were very well-organized and all of them were attached with appropriate footnotes. This proves his experience and skills. I really think my money was well spent.


This is my experience with J. Kenney Consulting. I hope people find this information helpful. I wish everyone can find the right consultant for your immigration case and good luck!”

—Yu (Sam) Yang

“When I had my working holiday visa I was working at a restaurant in Toronto first and I then moved to Vancouver. The reason why I came to Vancouver was I wanted to attend acting school to be a big star one day in North America. However, it was not easy to extend my status to stay and work in Canada for long period time and I went to J. Kenney Consulting. My consultant supported my employer and I to get my work visa and now I am ready to start permanent resident status soon.”

—Sodai Shimizu

“Joe Kenney assisted me in obtaining my Canadian Landed Immigrant status. I looked into doing the paperwork myself but once I meet with Joe it was an easy decision to use his services. Joe prepared and took care of every aspect of the Landed Immigrant & BC PNP application. What I thought was going to be a complicated task turned out to be incredibly easy on my part. Within a year’s time of submission I received my status and all I had to do was read over the documentations and sign! It was a pleasure to work with Joe and would recommend him to anyone seeking information on immigrating to Canada.”

—Masaru Tajima

“We got to know Mr. Kenney through a friend in 2007 in China. When not working, he is very easygoing and has a good sense of humor; when working, he becomes totally serious and conscientious. We found he has an extensive background in the immigration field, therefore, we entrusted him with two immigration matters which meant a great deal to our family — a student visa for our son and permanent resident visas for the whole family.


During the long processing time for our PR visas, we only met Joe and his associates twice. Most of the communication was done through phone calls, emails and fax. We had thought that it would be inconvenient to do business by this way. However, with the help of his Chinese associate, all the information was translated and explained clearly and promptly. We felt everything was done with ease!


Compared to many immigration agencies in China, Joe Kenney’s firm has trustworthy qualifications, offers reasonable prices (which in fact are much lower than other firms in China) and exercises due care with clients. We all agreed that we received more than what we had paid for. In 2009, our PR visas were issued within the expected timeframe thanks to Joe’s excellent work on our case.”

—Yuan Ting and Qun Zhuang

“My family and I wish to express our sincere appreciation to you for the expert consulting and assistance in getting my Permanent Residence (PR) under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) to Canada; it has become possible today because of your professional advice and guidance. I would like to list a few ways I found your service very professional and helpful in attaining my PR:


• Thanks to Mr. Kenney’s years of experience in the field of government and immigration, we finally got my application to the PNP approved.


• Mr. Kenney responds timely to any requirement received from the PNP and Immigration Canada; and Mr. Kenney follows up always to keep me updated of the deadlines and help me meet them.


• Excellent preparation of all the documents for my PNP and PR applications, when I had no idea how and what to prepare by myself. It was Mr. Joe Kenney, who helped me complete a list of documents during the application process at one time.


Last but not the least, J. Kenney Consulting has kept all the promises made. We highly recommend J. Kenney Consulting to those applicants who wish to apply for immigration or temporary status in Canada with absolute confidence.”

—Link Liang
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